Nias ( Lagundri Bay ) Indo Trip Oct / Nov '12

Keith Beddoe, or KB as so many know him is one of the few Shapers in the UK, or anywhere for that matter who still shapes by hand and still actually surfs both Short and Longboards on most types of waves.

Still keen to push boundaries on a personal level, seen above on a nice wave in Nias, and at nearly 60years old, and travelling alone on this trip to Indo, still showing his total passion and comminment for surfing.

KB actually prefers to surf a Longboard, he will tell you this himself, “It is just the best way to get the most waves on a surfboard” is the latest quote he gave me…. sounds a bit greedy to me…. but as we all know, more waves EQUALS more smiles…. so I suppose that he is correct.

1655022_10152461481874384_706359921722934576_o-002Keith is also a bit of a Nose Riding Specialist, he maintains that all you need is the right board, the right attitude, and of course the right type of wave…. so what he really means is when ALL the parameters are correct…. noserides like this one in WESTERN SAHARA can be achieved.

There is no doubt, KB can noseride well, but with the correct board, plenty of effort and practice….. so can you. Why not have a chat to Keith about your next Nose Rider!

Keith works hard, not just Shaping Surfboards, but constantly testing and re evaluating and then fine tuning his board models and shapes. He is now a little more “Modest” than he was as a younger “Contest Surfer”, I recon that comes with age.

The clever attribute that KB has is the abillity to “Suss Out” a surfer, often by just chatting with them on the phone, and make a board that suits that guy, he has moved away from the contest scene, and in fact will tell the ” Jimmy Red Hots” of the surfing world that they are best suited to shapes by more progressive thinking and “Younger Shapers” than himself.

His main aim now is to shape boards for the regular surfer, the Guy, or Gal, who just wants to have fun… in a way this is “Keith’s Way” of putting back something into the sport that has kept him “ALIVE” for the past 45 years….

…. 45 years of surfing and travelling, and the past 20 years shaping. So with such a wealth of experience and talent, it is no wonder he is probably the one of the most sought after Longboard Shapers in the UK

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