About Keith


Keith has been surfing since 1969, he won his 1st Competition as a junior in 1970, and took the European Junior Men’s Title in 1971.

Competition was seen as the way to progress your surfing in those days…. “Free Surfing” as it was called then was just for guys who wanted to “Have a Go”…. Travel was the “NEW FRONTIER” litterally. 

Keith soon became disillusioned with competitions and spent the next 20 years or so travelling, visiting and surfing all those far shores that were considered “Out There” back in the late 70’s and early 80’s. 

He didn’t don the competition lycra again until the re birth of the modern longboard, gaining a podium place in most of his contests during the past 15 years or so….. failing to find a shaper that understood his requirements for that “Magic Board” he decided to start shaping himself. 

Keith has been shaping for the past 18 years or so, having shaped thousands boards in that time, and was the Bear shaper in the UK and parts of EUROPE from around 2001 until very recently, as a result in a change in direction from the Bear ownership in Italy.

He continues to hand shape to this day, shunning the modern approach to computer cut boards, believing that boards need to have “soul” which can only be done with a pair of hands and not a machine.

If you need any help deciding what your next board should be, or know what you want but just need to confirm your ideas, just get in touch with Keith…. He will be happy to chat. ( See Contact Page )

Keith is in the surf every day there are OK waves to be riden. He is constantly testing and re evaluating his new shapes. He now spends 2 to 3 months a year (The Cold Months) in Jeffreys bay SOUTH AFRICA, which gives him even more time to Test and Re evaluate his designs…. shaping boards over there for that purpose….. but he is at pains to point out that all the SURFBOARDS that he sells in the UK are “Made in the UK”.

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