Surfboard Prices

SURFBOARD PRICES (Updated September 2015)


LONGBOARDS by keith beddoe From £675.00 (9′ 1″ to 9′ 3″)

Specs include… a basic spray design to your choice, 10″ fin box including suitable Glassfibre fin, side FCS fin system including fins, Lighter Weight Glass lamination and Lightweight Matte Laquer finish.

Retro Fishes and Boards under 6′ 6″ From £535.00 Depending on Specs (Contact Keith for more info)

Apart from the LONGBOARDS by keith beddoe “label”, I will still be producing a more Traditional Longboard…. with higher specifications, a more “Full House” type of board…. these will be under the KB SURFBOARDS “LOGO”

KB Surfboards from 9’0″ upto 9’3″ From £775.00

KB Surfboards from 9’3″ upto 9’6″ From £795.00

KB Surfborads from 9’7″ upto 10’1″ From £825.00

The general Specs for a KB Surfboard are …

2 colours, ( With Pin lines counting as a colour )

10″ Centre fin box (but no centre fin)

Side FCS System…. with side fins

A Standard Weight Glass Job

A Full Gloss and High Polish finish

There is not really any such thing as a “Standard” or “Stock” board…. the above prices are as a Guide Only. Please contact me directly for a price for the exact specifications that you want. Keith


eg. Different Artwork, Resin Tints, Heavy Duty Glassing, wide “Laps”, Deck and Fin Patch’s, Nose and / or Tail Woodies, 25th Anniversary Numbered models….. the list goes on

Just contact me for specs and prices….Keith

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