Surfboard Specifications

Surfboards by Keith Beddoe

 Model List for SUMMER 2014 

The ALL NEW Trad’ Noserider

9′ 4″ up to 9′ 8″ish x 23 1/4″ x 3 1/8+”          Square Tail           Box Only

 The ALL NEW Traditional Nose Rider is my “Take” on the board all SURFERS would have had in their quiver in the late 60′s and early 70′s. Just before the “Shortboard” revolution.

Making a “Longboard” that nose-rides well is a bit of a Holy Grail for me…. and to be fair I have, in the recent past, gone down the Modern Longboard Route to try and achieve this. Generally a board with a wide nose, narrow tail and hard rails.

The ALL NEW Trad” Nose-rider is a different approach. After much research on the net, I believe I have got it sorted. The boards main differences, are the softer rails, and wider in the Hip template, all helping to slow the board down, and at the same time get the water to flow onto the actual deck of the board in the mid to tail section creating drag and stability to allow you to perch up there on the Tip of the board.

Now getting up there is sort of easy, quick nose rides can be achieved on most modern longboards, but to stay there…. that is a whole different ball game.

If you are really keen on your Nose-rides…. then this is the board for you.

Pros… A top board for pure nose riding, bigger than you might normally ride, less maneuverability than other boards, but still with a “Bottom Turn” and “Cutback” ability.

Cons… Generally not so good at turning…. 

Suitability…A good board for the true retro rider, if you like a slower fade bottom turn, a casual walk to the nose followed by a “Drop Knee” cutback then this board is for you. Also a great board for a New Longboarder…. just so stable!

Size and Finish notes… 9’ 3” is the best size for this template, always with a retro flavour paintjob or nose patch…. A full Gloss and Polish finish…..this board needs to look the part.

The Performer                            

9’ 1” x 22 ¾” x 2 ¾”        Pintail                Box + FCS

 The Performer is not a board for “Loggers”. It has much less foam volume than any of the other boards in the Bear range, and with its greater rocker and narrower tail, this board is a flyer. A board that accomplished longboards will love, easy to throw around from the tail, yet still with a bit of width in the nose for a quick “5”

Pros… Light and Fast, Turns and Drives well off the tail, a true Performer. 

Cons… Glide and Noserides are compromised, you need to work harder to get the best out of this board. 

Suitability… Aimed at the guys who have been riding a longboard for a while and want to step up their performance. 

Size and Finish notes… The KB Performer is available only in this 9’ 1” x 22 ¾” x 2 ¾” size. It will usually be clear or have a small splash of colour, and is only available in Speedcote or Laquer Finish  

The Noserider Performer               

9’ 1” x 23” x 2 7/8”           Pintail               Box + FCS

 This board I have been working on and refining for quite a long time now. At last, I think I have got there! Aimed at the guy who can surf a little, (able to catch an unbroken wave and do a proper bottom turn) I have kept the wide point back from the centre, and this combined with the pintail makes for a generous curve in the “hip”. This board will turn easily. The nose is wide enough for some proper “tip” time. 

Pros… Catches waves easily, great for turns, still good for noseriding. 

Cons… Not as good as “The Glide” for that effortless trim and go flavour. 

Suitability… Up and coming guys who want to progress or fully fledged mal riders who want to perform…. I ride this model myself, as soon as the waves are chest high. 

Size and Finish Notes… I make this template in a few different widths and thicknesses, to suit lighter or heavier guys, but all of the Noserider Performers have the same characteristics. Finish is Laquer / Speedcote to keep the weight down, but it is also available as a full Gloss and Polish. 

The Glide

9’ 3” x 23” x 3 1/8″           Rounded Tail           Box only 

The Glide is one of my all time favourite boards, on those small clean days it just puts the biggest smile on your face. With less foam than its big brother the Heritage / Retro, but more than any of the other KB Boards that I shape’ this one just seams to “Go” by itself, and with the wide point back a little and the help of some cleaver bottom shaping, still turns well. 

Pros… Very easy to ride, smooth turns and just seam to “Go” well. 

Cons… A little on the heavy side ( more foam and more glass and resin! ), not so good for the more progressive rider, more suited to “Loggers”. 

Suitability… This boards is most things to most people, just remember it is a big board, and as such it needs a bit of weight and power to throw it around. Best suited to smaller surf…. or bigger guys’

Size and Finish Notes… Only available in 9’ 3” but different thickness are shaped for the bigger guys who just want to “Cruise”. The sprays are always in the retro camp…. I do a few with Resin Tints. 

The Heritage / Retro               

9’ 6” x 23 ¼” x 3 ¼”         Square Tail              Box only 

This is for the “Old Skool” crew. A full retro model. I have tried to create that 60’s flavour, shaped how a board would have been then, just using more modern materials. This type of board is all about Style and Flavour, and not the  performance associated with today’s longboarding. If you like a very stable platform on which to surf, like an easy take off,  enjoy effortless glide with the odd walk to the nose and drop knee turn, then this board is for you. 

Pros… Catches waves very easily. Great for stability and Glide. Looks really cool. 

Cons… Big, wider and heavier. ( a full arm work out if you surf at low tide, and that’s just getting to the water!). This board is not as easy to throw around as others in my KB range. But let’s be honest…. That’s not the point! 

Suitability… Would suit a newcomer to surfing, due to it’s stability, or a seasoned “logger”. If you can afford an extra board in your quiver, this is the one to have. Looks great, and in waist high or less puts the biggest smile on your face.

Size and Finish notes… The Heritage  / Retro can be stretched right up to 10′ and over. It will have an old or traditional look to it. Either a Retro paint job, or a resin tint or maybe clear with deck and fin patches and a nose and wooden tail blocks. Comes with a full Gloss and Polish finish.

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