Used Boards For Sale

Updated 20th June 2017

I have 4 longboards for sale.

SORRY….. These boards are now sold! (updated 10th October 2017)


Katy’s “Perfomer” is almost ready to go to a new home.

I have shaped her replacement, and as soon as she has given the new board the “Thumbs up” this one can go.

It is 9′ 1″ x 22 3/4″ x 2 3/4″ as you can see, Red Resin Tint plus Wooden Mitred tail blocks and the red “Skulls” material inlay. I have actually surfed this board recently…. it is a very good Performance Longboard. I am not surprised that Katy is reluctant to let it go.

Call me if you are interested….. See Contact Page

CIMG6140The 2nd board is Katy’s 9′ 6″ Small wave Cruiser/ Nose RiderKaty 2016 3rd

A bigger board, at nearly 24″ wide…. a great summer cruiser…. Here it is in action. The dimensions of Katy’s “Small Wave ” Board are a little misleading, it sounds like a Big Board, but it does not fell or Surf like that. It was Shaped for Katy.

Again, Contact be if you are interested.

CIMG6137I am also selling my own board. It is only 10 surfs old, and was shaped specifically for my trip to Morocco in Jan 2017. The board Catches waves exceptionally well, and Glides and Trims to perfection, it is just not as Performance as I would like for my “Go to” board, I have already shaped it’s replacement.

The final board I am selling is a Brand new TRIPLE STRINGER Big Summer Cruiser.CIMG6142

At 9′ 8″ x 24″ x 3+” this is a Big Board. Pale Blue “Resin Tint” with Wide “Cut Laps” and Fin & deck Patches too. Nose and Tail Woodies complete this Retro Beauty. It has the Lightweight Matte Lacquer finish (I felt it was heavy enough without a Full Gloss Coat).

All the above board will come with all the fins, contact me for prices and possible “Deals”
Call me on 01637 852653 or 07973 908284 or e mail direct on

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