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NOW ALL MODELS FOR 2019 are “Custom Order Only”

All my surfboards now carry the KB Surfboards, or the LONGBOARDS by keith beddoe LOGO’s
(it is just some of the photo’s are out of date!!)


I thought it was time to UPDATE my take on the Traditional Nosrider!

I have been doing much research and actual NOSERIDING (Waves and Work permitting), and have decided to go with my version of the David Nuhiwwa late 60′s nose rider made for him by Bing Copeland.

The “New” TRADITIONAL NOSERIDER will have the same Low Rocker nose, but an increased tail rocker to cope with the less than perfect surf than the guys had in CALIFORNIA in the late 60′s and early 70′s to practice on….. the UK boards need to be a little more “Turnable” as we surf 99% flat beaches and not Point Breaks.

I have kept the board wide in the “HIP” and the nose, with a full rounded nose, and a Square Tail…. this gives a longer “Parallel” section to the template, and should help with that “Sticky” feeling that those OLD NOSERIDERS had. Only one thing better than getting to the NOSE…. and that is STAYING THERE!

I also do a “Smaller” version…. 9′ 0 1/2″ x 22 1/2″ x 2 3/4″CIMG1038 Aimed a lighter guys…. and Gals.

Katy particularly likes this model…. still easy to “pivot” turn, but with the flatter rocker and rolled bottom shape combined with the soft “sticky” rails…. still nose-rides a treat.

Even though I produce various Longboard Models, due to the vast choice of almost limitless colour options and specifications….. ALL boards are NOW Custom Order…. that is made for you to your specifications. This takes between 3 and 5 weeks from time of order.

The Big Wednesday Model SORRY….This Model is no longer available.

"Big Wednesday Model"

The Beautiful and Iconic Bear Big Wednesday

The Iconic board from the final sequence of the film, “Big Wednesday”.  I have re-designed the model so it is now a very good all round longboard. User friendly in small to medium surf.

An easy board to ride, forgiving yet positive, all will enjoy surfing the Big Wednesday…. and it has the definate “Good Looks” factor.

Only available from stock in  the  9′ 2″ x 23″ x 3″ size. It comes with a 10″ Centre box ( No Centre Fin ), side FCS with fins and a Full Gloss and Polish finish.

Price…. Contact Keith for prices and availability.


 Traditional Noserider   9’3″ x 22 3/4″ x 3 1/8″    Contact Keith for price and availability. NOW replaced by the New Trad Nose…. see above!   


Easily spotted by its solid colour nose. Wide point forward of centre, good for “Tip Time”, Long slow fade bottom turns and Drop Knee cutbacks. A True Traditionalist’s board, not for everyone.


The Performer 

Lighter and thinner are the things you notice, still a full template with the wide point aft of centre, does everything well except glide…. If you want to get progressive, get one of these.

The Performers come in various colours but only work well in the 9′ 0″ size.

Only in Speedcote / Laquer

The choice of the progresive surfer

The Performer comes with 10″ Centre Box ( But No Fin ) side FCS System with fins, a basic colour spray and a Speedcote / Laquer finish

9′ 0″ x 22 3/4″ x 23/4″
Contact Keith for price and availability.




Noserider  Performer

IMGP9574This is the best “All Round” Board that I shape It is what I ride as soon as the waves are chest high or over. This board is suited to all except a true novice and a traditional “Logger”. I have spent several years getting this board to where it is now, I have not yet had any negative feedback on this model!

Here is Katy, my daughter, she raves about just how good this board is.Katy BLU Crantock

Noserider Performer comes with 10″ Box ( No Fin ), side FCS System with fins and a 2 colour spray, with a full Gloss and Polish, or the more performance Matte Laquer finish.

9′ 1″ x 23″ x 2 7/8″     Contact Keith for price and availability.


The Glide”

The Glide
A Resin Tint Glide, this one has a “Galss on” fin!

Does exactly what is says on the tin. Great at getting through those slow crumbly sections, still turns OK and Noserides well. Best surfed in smaller waves, if its fun and big smiles in average surf that you are looking for….get  “The Glide”

“The Glide” comes with a 10″ Centre box only ( No Fin) and no side FCS

It will have a Retro flavour, either an older looking colour scheme or a basic 1 colour “Resin Tint”           

9′ 3″ x 23″ x 3″      Contact Keith for price and availability


 The Heritage / Retro

Heritage / Retro

KB with the 1st Heritage Retro model, the newer ones are wider in the "Hip"

I have shaped this board after many requests for something really traditional. Bigger in every way, there is a lot of foam in this one, loads of glide and float, rolled bottom, 50/50 rails.

Easy to take off and trim, but you will not be throwing this one around so easily.

The Heritage / Retro is the top of the tree when it comes to specs….. a bigger blank, wide lap glass job, either a Resin Tint with wide laps or a Deck and Fin Patch, maybe a wooden tail block….. the finish details are how I feel the board will look its best. It will have a 10″ Centre box ( with no fin ) and No FCS….. it should look like boards made 50 years ago, but with the best and latest materials… a Classic in the making.

9′ 6″ x 23 1/2″ x 3 1/4″      Contact Keith for price and availability.

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