“The Bear” era

Updated 1st July 2014.Logo's

After nearly 10 years, I am no longer the license holder for Bear Surfboard here in the UK.

As you may know, the Bear Brand was owned by a company in Italy, and over the past few years, the ownership has changed hands several times. Leaving the Bear brand in some disarray here in the UK. The new owners (still a “crew” from Italy) have been in discussion with me, and have decided to Manufacture Bear Boards and Distribute them in a different way! I am not sure exactly what this means but I am sure time will tell!

I have spent much time and effort designing surfboards over this past decade, and although the Bear Brand benefited from this time and effort….. the actual designs are mine, and mine alone.

As you know, I still shape 99% of my surfboards by hand, from old fashioned templates, templates that I design and make…. so there are no computer data files to consider….. it is all in my head.

Although most of the boards I have shaped over the past years have had the Bear Logo on them, I have always shaped a few for guys who are not so Brand or Logo conscious, the main name over the door may have changed, but the ethos, designs and handcrafted integrity is still the same….. if you are in the market for a new Hand Shaped Longboard, a surfboard designed and shaped here in the UK, by a SURFER who still actually surfs the type of boards he makes….. just contact me.

I now have my new decals printed, I intend to do a more “performance” oriented mark that will be known as LONGBOARDS by keith beddoe.

I will of course be continuing with the “Full House” flavour of longboard…. the “Top End” models, these will be done under the KB Surfboards logo.

Neither of these “Logos” are new, I used them long before I was the “Bear” shaper…. so it is a Full Turnabout, back to my roots if you like, but now with more knowledge and experience…. I am looking forward very much to the next couple of years.

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