Katy WalkKB LONGBOARD CLINIC….. with me Keith Beddoe in Newquay on various dates in 2015

The main aim of the KB Longboard Clinic, is to “fastrack” Guys and Girls who can surf a little, into more experienced surfers, more quickly….

….. The Clinic is aimed at any longboard surfer who can take off and turn on a “Green” wave ….

We will spend a little time on theory, after we have had a quick surf to access your level. The “Clinic” will be on a short day basis, time for a surf, some theory over lunch and then another surf with me taking some video, then a last hour to evaluate the footage.

I will be able to put you on the right track, spot any faults that you might be developing and generally help you improve your technique and confidence to enable you to catch more and better waves in the future. I also hope that while surfing with me, some of my Knowledge, experience and Confidence will “Rub Off”…. and you will become a better and more rounded Surfer than before.

Whilst I aim to teach guys that are fairly new to the sport, I will be very keen to “Help” more experienced surfer break those bad habits and get you on track for better longboarding techniqes, thus enabling you to do:-

Smoother bottom turns… with speed, projection AND Grace and Style

Walking the board… “Crossteping” up AND back

Trim and Glide… how to find AND stay on the “Sweet Spot” of your board

Noseride Better… the quintessential “trick” that sets us Longboarders apart from the rest of the surfers out there.

I aim to “teach” on a low ratio of students to coach basis….. ideally 1 to 1, but never more than 4 to 1. So you and your family or mates can spread the cost a little. You will only be mixed with people you do not know by prior arrangement.

“The Clinic” can be just a one day course to get you into a better place so you are able to progress yourself, or more of an intensive multi day course during the period of your stay in Newquay ( recomended )…. or better still 1 day every week or 10 days over a longer period of time…. this is aimed at guys who really want to progress, maybe into the “Contest Arena” or some serious travel to those “outhere” surf destinations, where wave knowledge, surf etiquette and being a more accomplished Longboarder can make the differnce between the best trip of your life or “I wished I had gone somewhere else”!

On Prices….. I am flexible, and can tailor a package to you and your specific requirements… so just get in touch with me to get more info.

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