LONGBOARDS by keith beddoe

I am developing my new “LONGBOARDS by keith beddoe” Label.IMGP9214

This label is actually not new at all, I did use this “LOGO” many years ago.IMGP9437

I like it, it has a nice Clean and Simplistic flavour, it will come in different colours to compliment the boards colour spray and design.

IMGP7994LONGBOARDS by keith beddoe will be HAND SHAPED, by me, here in Newquay, Cornwall where I live and surf.

LONGBOARDS by keith beddoe will be up to date shapes, aimed at the whole spectrum of the surfing population, so no matter if you are new to this sport, a seasoned “logger” or just a guy who likes to ride longboards at his local break…. I am shaping LONGBOARDS by keith beddoe for you.

The boards will come complete and ready to surf, all you will need to buy is a legrope and some wax.

The “Specs” will include a basic colour artwork spray, a 10″ centre fin box complete with a suitable glassfibre fin (not a cheap plastic one), side FCS fins system (with fins) and a Matte Laquer finish.

LONGBOARDS by keith beddoe will be aimed at the more performance minded surfer, the guy who likes less volume and less weight in his boards, I will use lighter cloth in the lamination, and the Matte finish will also reduce that weight even more.

The price will also be reduced, so LONGBOARDS by keith beddoe are a great way to “Get into” Mal’ riding too.

The “Full” range of extra’s are, off course, still available…. Resin Tints, Nose and Tail Woodies, multi colour artwork design sprays and Gloss with High Polish finishes. Just ask me for a price.

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