Nose and Tail Woodies / Material Inlays “The Facts”

IMGP9383Nose and Tail Woodies have been used for years on surfboards. The main reason for the use was “Protection”, the wood being harder to damage than foam. However in this “Throw Away” society that we now live in…. the main reason for Nose and Tail Woodies is LOOKS.

And it does have to be said…. they do LOOK very good.

With the higher costs of modern surfboards (Material Cost and Labour Costs) and the additional cost of the labour intensive procedure of making, fitting and finishing those wooden blocks, protecting your surfboard from damage may well be valid again.


There is a lot of work to make and fit Nose and Tail “Woodies”, especially to a Resin Tinted board. Many hours of skilled work, all by hand….. this is why the prices at first seem high…. but it will enhance your new board, and help to maintain its value should you want to sell it in the future.


With your new Full House longboard, shaped from Old Looking templates, but with modern shaping lines, Resin Tints and Nose and Tail Woodies…. it is impossible to put a price on that Pride of Ownership value.

I personally make all these nose and tail blocks myself, from various species of hardwood (The thicker, darker woods) laminated with different thicknesses of softwood, (The skinny “White” woods) and sometimes coloured resin, impregnated fibreglass.

I bond the blocks onto the boards, and then shape them to the template and foil of that particular board…. The resin and lamination work is done by others.

The cost of these blocks varies…. but generally, it is £25.00 per block…. so if the nose requires 2 blocks, 1 either side of the stringer, that would be £50.00. If you have nose and tail woodies on a “Pintail” board…. it would be 4 blocks, where as most tail blocks go onto “Square tail” retro boards…. so only a single tail block is used. ( I will always cut you a deal if you are going totally FULL HOUSE )

So if you want to enhance AND protect your new “Retro” Mal’ …. Nose and Tail Woodies it is.


“Material Inlay” never had a real use other than looks, it was the “Hawaiians” that started it off, with little or no paint materials suitable to embellish the look of their boards…. off came their flowered “Hawaiian” shirts, and onto the boards they went!!IMGP9173 Of course to day, we have access to almost any kind of material… the look of you next board is only limited by your imagination.

The cost of an “Inlay” is very reasonable… in most cases less than £25.00

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