The “Big Boy” Traditional Nose-Rider


The new “Big Boy” Traditional Nose-Rider is finally ready.

At 9′ 4″ x 24″ x 3 1/4+”, this is a Big Board, but I have tried to keep a little “Sexyness” in the tail so you can still turn it.

It is as close to the Old Skool nose-riders as I can get…. lots of roll in the bottom, right thru’ to the tail along with super soft rails, again, all the way thru’…. so should be “sticky”, allowing for those longer, glide style nose-rides, that I am trying to achieve.

I have only put in a single box, so no options on fin set ups…. just a good old fashioned Big Single Fin

To make this board a little special, I made a Multi Layup Tail Woody, with some Resin Tint in-between the Hardwood laminates…. I think it has come out really well.

I have been trying, on and off, to get the traditional Nose-Rider correct over the past few years, but I personally still tend to go for a more Performance Nose-Rider…. I am thinking that as I am soon to be a “Surfing Pensioner” ….collecting my State pension in a couple of months…. it might be time to slow it down a little….. so hoping that this is the board. As always….testing will say “Yay or Nay”!

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Dreaming Time…..

IMG_0094 (2)

It has been a good Summer…. for weather, but not so great for waves.

So the “Dreaming Time” has started early this year.

August is not yet out, and already I am looking at flight prices… I just need “My Fix”

IMG_0034 (2)

I need Sunshine, AND Waves. I want to feel that optimism of sort of knowing that tomorrow will probably be good for both! In the UK now, it seams more and more that if we get both…. it is an “Epic” day, regardless of how the actual waves are breaking.

So…. I am planning more time in J Bay this winter…. why not join me?


My house is only a “Walk” from the photo’s in this post, that is correct, no car ride to go and check, just get out of bed…. look at the ocean, count how many guys are in the water and decide…. surf now or after breakfast?

To stay with me will cost you LESS than the local “B & B”, and you can use my boards. I will even pick you up from the Airport (Port Elizabeth).IMG_0087 (4)

I plan to be in J bay for the Cold Months….so…. Jan, Feb, Mar and Apr. It will be South African Summer, so Hot and Sunny, sure the waves are bigger in the SA Winter, but all the photo’s above were taken in the J bay Summer

I have plenty of room, my 4 bedroom house often has only myself and my wife in it, so stop dreaming, and get in touch with me.

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Modern Shape….Traditional Looks


A Custom Order all ready to be “Wrapped and Packed”.

The current flavour is for boards that are traditional in looks, but bang up to date in design.

Here we have the Performance Nose-Rider, but with “Laminated Hardwood” Tail Woodies and a Traditional Spray.


At 9′ 01/2″ the newer Performance Nose-Rider Template is still very familiar, it is almost identical to my earlier model, just with the wide point a little further back.

It is the bottom shape that is slightly refined…. a little more Roll in the tail, and slightly softer rails too. I have found this gives almost the same drive off the tail when turning, but makes the board more forgiving, and easier to get up to the nose.


The Tail Woody on a Pintail has to come in 2 halves to make it look good, just a bit more effort, but I feel it is worth it.

It adds nothing to the Performance, but boy does it look great.

A Thoroughly Modern board…. with a “Nod” to the past.

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Katy is “On It”

katy small watergate

Katy should be taking it easy…. and if you know her…. she is, sort of.

Katy tore the ACL in the left knee after a crazykaty crankingy Wakeboard jump months ago. Not tore it badly… tore it off completely!!

She has already had the operation to trim away all the damaged tissue in the knee, but is still awaiting her reconstruction surgery.

She is still surfing OK, even with no stability in her knee, and if you look closely, she is taking it easy, well for her. I would still be sat on the beach crying if it was my knee.

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Blank Origins are important…..

Blanks, Blanks, Blanks……


Impossible to craft a decent board without a good quality Blank…. this is why I prefer to use Burford Blanks for my Longboards.

Not only are they a great “Technical” blank, with good cell structure and high compression strength, the main Longboard Blank I use is a great “Shape” before I start to actually shape it.


The correct amount of Nose and Tail Rocker, and good volume proportions. It makes my life easier, because it allows me to concentrate on shaping a great performance nose-rider without having to worry too much about the boring stuff…

Well Done BURFORD, and Thank You.

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Katy Surfing Again?

Katy acl not

Katy is back in the water…. well only for a while!

She is getting in the water on the smaller days, but is having to take it REALLY SLOWLY….. as she has no ACL in her left knee.

Katy is on the waiting list for Knee re-construction Surgery! After her hideous Wipe Out on the Wakeboarding Jump last year….. it is still a very long road to full recovery. After the next “Opp” it will be a month of total nothing, then 3 to 6 months of Physio and another 3 months of Take it slowly….but she is strong, both mentally and physically.

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Time to “Nose-Ride”

KB Sahara Left

Summer is now “officially” here!

Hot and Sunny, lots of cool drinks needed, Sunscreen and Hats essential…. Oh! and a Good Nose-Rider too.

I have been shaping quite a few “Traditional Nose-Riders lately, but I myself have not yet made the leap to this “new” flavour of board. Maybe it is because I am OLD, maybe I do not like CHANGE…. I just don’t know.

One thing that is for sure…. I do like to Nose-ride.

I am in the shaping bay this week, and so I will shape myself a new Board. I am going fully retro! 9′ 4″ ish, with wide nose….and Hips, lots of “Rock and Roll”…. and supersoft rails…. even in the tail. We shall see.CIMG3695

I will do the Nose and Tail Woodies thing too…. no need for weight saving on this type of board.

Trying to shape a “feeling” is sometimes difficult…. I am trying to capture the sense of freedom in my surfing, easy take off’s, Fun, that Casual walk to the nose…. and more Fun…. all very real in my mind, but not so easy to translate into a board….. it might just be a mental approach rather than the actual board…. but I have to start somewhere, and the shaping bay, for me, is the best place to make that start!

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Here we go again


I have been off “Gadding About” over the past few months…. I do not like the UK winter anymore! Sure the waves are better, or at least bigger, but it is the Cold and Rain I have trouble with.

Anyway….. I am back, and back at work.

I have already shaped a few, and got quite a few more “Custom Orders” to do.

The biggest request so far this season is for my J bay inspired “Traditional Nose-Rider”.

More than half of the orders I have are for this “New” Traditional Board.CIMG7639

I did go down the Trad Nose route a few years ago, but never really got to grips with it, as not so many guys wanted them then, but now the Trad Nose seams to be more “In Flavour”

Most of the Custom Orders I get have Nose and Tail Woodies….. and some with Resin Tints. It is nice to see guys know exactly what they want….it makes my life a little easier.CIMG7637

So much effort and work go into these Nose and tail Woodies, it is nice to see that the results are appreciated. …. even though they have to be paid for… there is no real profit in them. Everything seems to cost more money these days, especially the Hardwoods that I use. Not to mention the sharp saw blades needed to cut the hardwood into the skinny strips…. and we haven’t got to the Glue, Special Clamps and TIME to get the “Woodies” ready.

BUT ….Wow! they do look good.

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The last day….

CIMG7552 What a site to wake up to….

Red sky in the morning, I was expecting a “Crap” day for my Last Day in J bay!

The weather was UK like, but hot, grey sky, light rain but strangely warm…. oh and the waves…. small and lumpy from the on-shore the afternoon before….

By mid morning, still rain and cloud but now with off-shores blowing, by late morning….WOW, more swell, and the off-shore had cleaned up the waves…. and only a hand full of guys out….. The Last Surf.CIMG7557

So 2 hours of almost empty perfectly shaped waves, and getting bigger all the time.

Back home for some lunch and all those last minute things to sort out before a big trip. To get home to the UK it is a short flight to Jo’Burg from Port Elizabeth, a few hours lay over, then the Big Flight to London Heathrow…. but for us, another 6 hours in the car to Cornwall.

Already 4.00pm, and out for diner with friends at 6.00pm, and the waves look so good I have to have one last “Play”….CIMG7556 I did not get any photo’s of the “Last Surf”, it was all a bit hectic. ….but it was good, a little crowded, as the whole of J bay knew it was now “On”. Wall to wall sunshine and head and a half high, in perfect conditions…. I do Love J bay.

Now it is all over, well at least for this trip.

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J Bay trip almost “Done and Dusted”


Well another South Africa sojourn is nearly over. 5 weeks seems a long time when you book, but when it is time to come home…. I want to stay longer.

Especially as SA is now coming into autumn and the swells are becoming noticeably strong, if not much bigger, but the midday sun is still high… and more importantly warm on your body. CIMG7521

The days here drift into one another, the usual routine is up early, check the surf. If it is looking very good, grab a board and go, if it is looking small and good, maybe drive to the point to check, and decide “Now or Later”, as different tides can affect the size a little, and the morning crew will have had their fill, leaving a more empty line up later.

Home time it is, even if I am not keen, but hey, I have boards to shape and people to see, so it is not all bad, and I will soon be home, and into the swing of my UK life, up early, check the surf and plan the day, “Surf or Work” always a tough one!CIMG3695

The order books are slowly filling up, UK summer is just around the corner, so call me if you need/want a new ‘mal, and we can chat. I do not have any new magic idea’s after this trip, but I am refining my bottom curve a little after borrowing a “Locals” board over here…. should be able to introduce a performance board with a little more Old Skool Trim and Glide flavour.

In the meantime I have just a couple of days left to surf J bay….. ahhh!

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