Fistral Summer Fun

KB short board fistral

What a great Summer Surf.

Warm and Sunny, Head high and Glassy, just what the doctor ordered.

Decided to get the 6′ 4″ wet, surprising how unfit you become in such a short space of time, not really been in that much since my Big Trip.

Let’s hope it is a Good Summer

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For Sale

This magnificent Retro Nose Rider is now For Sale.

At 9′ 8″ x 24 1/4″ x 3 3/8″ She is a Big Board.

Using the magnificent Burford 9′ 8″ Triple Stringer blank, this board was a “Joy” to shape.

I have crafted my own Nose and Tail “Wioodies” and as you can see…. fully “Mitred” into the stringer at the nose.

It has a “deck” Patch and a “fin” patch, and with the wide laps give the board its Retro Flavour.CIMG6031

Combined with the Hint of Blue Resin Tint both sides, this board looks the “Dogs B&^*%ocks”.

Finished with the lightweight Matte Lacquer (this is a big board and heavy enough without the extra weight of a Gloss coat.

It come with a 10″ Centre box (but no centre fin) and side FCS system (with fins).

Contact me for a price. on 01637 852653 or

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It’s ready…. just need some waves!

The guys at the factory did a great job in getting my new board ready in “Double Quick” time.

All I need now is some surf to test ride it in.

CIMG6052The dimensions do not sound spectacular, at 9′ 0″ x 22 7/8″ x 2 7/8″, but the size is not the real story, it is all about the subtle blending of the volume. I did a “Magical Job” when I shaped the Original, and I have tried to replicate it a few times but without total success…. hopefully this time I have got it right. (Even though I have used the “Hi Tech” approach of the CAD machine.)

The glassing is on the lighter side too, which goes against what I usually preach, but I am really keen to replace my Old Faithful, which also ended up lighter than I usually have.

Roll on the head high and clean days.

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How to “Copy” your Trusty Old board


As most of you guys will probably know, I do most (99%) of my shaping by hand. Even if that means that I use my Variable Cut CLARK FOAM planner for most of the work.

Hand shaping is in my opinion the best way to get your thoughts and ideas into the the board, the subtle bottom contours, and the curves that make a Longboard actually “go” in the waves that it was intended to. It is the best way to “feel” the board while you are creating it…. I like to think that you are putting “Soul” into the shape…..

BUT….there is a problem with “Hand Shaping”. It is very difficult to “Copy” an Existing Board.IMGP8794

To shape a board very similar to you Old Fave Board, you need to use the “Computer”. First the board needs to be accurately measured, many, many measurements that are put into the shaping software program to make your shape “digital” it can then be checked to make sure that there are no obvious anomalies…. and then press that button.

Hey presto, a shaped board, there is still a little hand finishing to do, the exact shaping of the rails and then the final “Fine Sanding” to get the board ready for lamination.

I have been trying to “Copy” my Old Faithful” longboard for a couple of years…. and to my disappointment, without success… hopefully I have now cracked it. We will see.

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The 1st “Full House” triple of 2017

The 1st board out of the shaping bay this year is a stunning 9′ 8″ triple with “ALL” the trimmings…..including Nose and Tail Woodies. This beauty will be finished off with some paintwork, a Resin Tint and a full Gloss and Polish. Some one is going to be very happy.


Back in the “Pit” creating wave riding equipment, I love my “Job”. I actually miss the work when I am away on a trip.


I have enjoyed shaping this “Big Un” so much, I am locating a Super Big Long Board Blank right now, for my “Summer Cruiser”…. I feel it is going to be a summer of small waves, so I need to prepare.CIMG6023

Nose and Tail woodies are a pain to do…. measuring, cutting, gluing and re-shaping. It is a stressfull time, the wood is so hard compared to the foam, a slight slip and that is hours of effort wasted….. but WOW do they look good.

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Summer 2017…. it’s nearly here!

Appologies for little or no “Posts” over the past few months, been away…. Morocco, the land of right hand point breaks (with 1 particularly good left point) and very slow internet!! I tried many times to get stuff uploaded, and finally just gave up.CIMG5388

The “Trip” was close to epic, not super big, but loads of medium quality surf, long boards and short boards were in operation, and I even took a few orders while I was away, guys in Morocco and UK travelling surfers, I need to get some waterproof business cards printed.CIMG5649

Anyway…. I am back. In the shaping bay next week, (after my excess of Chocolate eggs has settled down) and keen to create more fine wave riding equipment.CIMG4364

I have a few “Custom Order Longboards” to shape, I will do a couple for stock…. and I might just do another one for myself…. Rude not to really!! I am still after that replacement for my “Go To” 9′ 0″. It is getting very beaten up now. I seam to be making great boards for others, but have yet to make a “Perfect” board for my replacement…. maybe I am trying too hard!!

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Like the book….Moroccan Bound!


It is that time of year again.

The Late Autumn and early Winter of 2016 have been very good, surfwise, but it is deffo getting colder now, so I am off…My Old Age just does not agree with the cold and wet weather that is prevalent at this time of the year.

J Bay in South Africa is my usual “Escape”, but it will have to wait this time, I had such a great trip last year, I felt anything less would be a disappointment, so a new Winter Hideout was needed, and after much due diligence, (A quick trip to Agadir and a 2 weeks recky), I have decided that “Morocco in the Camper Van” would be the perfect way to spend the “Cold Months” this year.


So I am loading up the trusty Iveco with “ALL” the toys….. Shortboards, a selection of Longboards (Off Course), Kite Surf Kit and my new Dirt Bike…. I am even taking “The Wife”…. I will still be contactable, internet allowing, so board discussions and enquiries are welcome…. I will be back just before Easter 2017, so plenty of time to get a few boards shaped ready for Summer.

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Lookin’ Good.


The “Classic” has returned. Not much call for this in today’s world, but some customers just know what they want.

The “Triple Stringer” with the nose and tail “Woodies” makes this board stiffer and heavier, but combine this with the Retro Resin Tint with Wide laps, not to mention the Deck and Fin “Patches” finished off with a Full Gloss and Polish….and you have a truly beautiful surfboard.

Performance may be compromised a little, but who cares….. on that small perfect day at your home break….. the quality of “Trim and Glide” along with the “Feel Good” factor will make you one happy bunny.

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A BIG BOY performer!


9′ 8″ x 23 1/2″ x 3 1/2″…. Not much of a performer… but it is for a BIG GUY, so much more extra volume is needed.

The trick is to get that volume into the board and still make it work.

I have access to bigger blanks, and I have done a few of these before, so if you need a Big Board for a Bigger Guy…. get in touch.

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Morocco Trip ’16


Morocco is a land just waiting for Adventure, but you need to be prepared, or at least be able to get to the adventure first. I travel with Abdililiah, from Sahara Surf. He is a one man band, just like me, so can put in all the effort needed to get you to the waves, whatever that takes.

He knows his way around the coast of Morocco, this has been his life for the past 10 years. he also surfs pretty damn well too, so he knows what he is talking about when it comes to waves.


Like this FAST right hander not so far off the tarmac, but we were the only guys here, so definitely worth the 4 x 4 approach.
Searching for waves requires some effort and commitment, you sometimes have to drive away from a good spot, to get to a less crowded one, and of course sometimes your plans do not come off, but I feel that this is worth the risk, as there is nothing better than surfing good waves without a crew.


There are few things as good as driving down a long beach to check out the mini point at the end, even if you do have to get out a push every now and again!! Not Really, Abs has a Toyota 4 x 4 so getting stuck did not really happen, just lighten the load and use the “super low” ratio and off we go again.


Adventure is really what you make of it, and in Morocco, Wave Hunting is all about the correct planning, and gear, and with an open and positive mind, and a local who knows where to be and when….. and you will score. I enjoyed myself soooo much, I am already planning my next trip.

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