Lookin’ Good.


The “Classic” has returned. Not much call for this in today’s world, but some customers just know what they want.

The “Triple Stringer” with the nose and tail “Woodies” makes this board stiffer and heavier, but combine this with the Retro Resin Tint with Wide laps, not to mention the Deck and Fin “Patches” finished off with a Full Gloss and Polish….and you have a truly beautiful surfboard.

Performance may be compromised a little, but who cares….. on that small perfect day at your home break….. the quality of “Trim and Glide” along with the “Feel Good” factor will make you one happy bunny.

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A BIG BOY performer!


9′ 8″ x 23 1/2″ x 3 1/2″…. Not much of a performer… but it is for a BIG GUY, so much more extra volume is needed.

The trick is to get that volume into the board and still make it work.

I have access to bigger blanks, and I have done a few of these before, so if you need a Big Board for a Bigger Guy…. get in touch.

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Morocco Trip ’16


Morocco is a land just waiting for Adventure, but you need to be prepared, or at least be able to get to the adventure first. I travel with Abdililiah, from Sahara Surf. He is a one man band, just like me, so can put in all the effort needed to get you to the waves, whatever that takes.

He knows his way around the coast of Morocco, this has been his life for the past 10 years. he also surfs pretty damn well too, so he knows what he is talking about when it comes to waves.


Like this FAST right hander not so far off the tarmac, but we were the only guys here, so definitely worth the 4 x 4 approach.
Searching for waves requires some effort and commitment, you sometimes have to drive away from a good spot, to get to a less crowded one, and of course sometimes your plans do not come off, but I feel that this is worth the risk, as there is nothing better than surfing good waves without a crew.


There are few things as good as driving down a long beach to check out the mini point at the end, even if you do have to get out a push every now and again!! Not Really, Abs has a Toyota 4 x 4 so getting stuck did not really happen, just lighten the load and use the “super low” ratio and off we go again.


Adventure is really what you make of it, and in Morocco, Wave Hunting is all about the correct planning, and gear, and with an open and positive mind, and a local who knows where to be and when….. and you will score. I enjoyed myself soooo much, I am already planning my next trip.

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Morocco Revisited


Morocco has always be a place of interest and excitement for me.

The warmth in the Northern hemisphere Winter, the smells of the Souk, the Culture, the people….and the SURF.

Not many years pass by without me wanting to, or going on a trip there, and this year was no exception, so a few e mails to Abs at Sahara Surf, and the November ’16 trip was booked.

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The “Classic” makes a comeback!


The “Classic Triple Stringer” with the nose a tail “Woodies” makes a comeback.

I have not shaped a “triple” for a while. Maybe this is because I am not a great fan of the additional stiffness that is inherent in a Triple Stringer Board. I actually explain to guys that if you want to “Surf” a board, it has to have a certain amount of “Flex”, which the Triple Stringer boards just don’t have….BUT

….if you want a board that is more of a “Glide and Trim” master, then the “Triple” is the perfect tool, AND it looks great too!

Yes they are a pain to shape, yes they do not have the same “Flex”, yes they are heavier…. but wow do they turn heads.

So if you are looking for that special board, the one that other guys really covet, a board that is for those perfect small days, when all you want to do is take off, Trim and Glide, with the occasional nose-ride, then this is the board you want.

The one in the picture is a custom order, and so not for sale…. but your “Classic” is only a phone call or an e mail away.

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More “Goodies” and still more to come!




Another “Batch” of boards are ready, these are pre orders, but I still have a few more nearly finished…. get in touch if you are looking for a new mal’

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New boards a plenty


The first of the “Autumn Batch”…. Resin Tint Performer, with a fuller nose.

More on the way……

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What a great start to Autumn

KB at little fistral1

With back to back swells, warm sunny weather and off shores for nearly 2 weeks, it really has been a great start to Autumn.

The local boys including myself have been making full use of this, Fistral has been BUSY, BUSY, BUSY…. but the odd gem can still be obtained if you are “On the Case”.

This pic of me was taken by Geoff Tydman at Little Fistral, I was one of only 2 guys out for over an hour, before the “crew” realised it was breaking way before the usual LOW TIDE…. many epic waves scored…..

I am still using my “Go to” mal, the old fave even though I have shaped several new ones for myself, I have just not yet commissioned them fully. I have been in the shaping bay quite a few days over this past 3 or 4 weeks, and the finished boards are starting to become ready….Keep an eye on this space, I will be posting all the pics soon.

I have some “Stock” boards for sale, but if you are looking for something special…. just get in touch.

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Custom Orders are the way to go


Custom Orders are best way to get exactly what you want in your next surfboard.

Whether that is a special paint job, or some retro nose and tail blocks…. or you just want to make sure that you get a board that suits the way you surf now…. and have a little “Futureproofing” built in.

Contact me via e mail or phone for a chat about your next board.

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BIG BOARD SOLD…. more new boards on the way!


The BIG “Mother” of a noserider has been SOLD.

I have been busy in the shaping bay creating a few more Nose-Riders for the last of the Summer small swells.

They should be ready very soon.

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