More “Goodies” and still more to come!




Another “Batch” of boards are ready, these are pre orders, but I still have a few more nearly finished…. get in touch if you are looking for a new mal’

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New boards a plenty


The first of the “Autumn Batch”…. Resin Tint Performer, with a fuller nose.

More on the way……

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What a great start to Autumn

KB at little fistral1

With back to back swells, warm sunny weather and off shores for nearly 2 weeks, it really has been a great start to Autumn.

The local boys including myself have been making full use of this, Fistral has been BUSY, BUSY, BUSY…. but the odd gem can still be obtained if you are “On the Case”.

This pic of me was taken by Geoff Tydman at Little Fistral, I was one of only 2 guys out for over an hour, before the “crew” realised it was breaking way before the usual LOW TIDE…. many epic waves scored…..

I am still using my “Go to” mal, the old fave even though I have shaped several new ones for myself, I have just not yet commissioned them fully. I have been in the shaping bay quite a few days over this past 3 or 4 weeks, and the finished boards are starting to become ready….Keep an eye on this space, I will be posting all the pics soon.

I have some “Stock” boards for sale, but if you are looking for something special…. just get in touch.

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Custom Orders are the way to go


Custom Orders are best way to get exactly what you want in your next surfboard.

Whether that is a special paint job, or some retro nose and tail blocks…. or you just want to make sure that you get a board that suits the way you surf now…. and have a little “Futureproofing” built in.

Contact me via e mail or phone for a chat about your next board.

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BIG BOARD SOLD…. more new boards on the way!


The BIG “Mother” of a noserider has been SOLD.

I have been busy in the shaping bay creating a few more Nose-Riders for the last of the Summer small swells.

They should be ready very soon.

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the “Mother” of Nose-Riders

CIMG4155This is a Big One! Should make one “Mother” of a Nose-Rider. Size is 9′ 9″ x 24 1/2″ x 3 5/16″ it is a BIG BOARD. I have kept the rails as skinny as I dare for such dimensions, with little or no hard edges anywhere…. should really “Stick” to the wave for extended “Nose Time”CIMG4152
With a nose width of over 19″ and a generous scoop, still keeping plenty of foam underfoot, I do not expect anything other than exceptional “Tip Time”.

No side FCS just a 10″ box, with plenty of width in “The Hip” but also plenty of soft rolled “VEE”….. this beauty will catch waves really easily and should still turn OK.


To complete the look…. it has a full Orange Tint with Deck Patch, Fin Patch and generous Cut Laps, nose and tail WOODIES mitre cut into the stringer at both ends…. and a glorious Full Gloss and Polish Finish.

This board will make heads turn in and out of the water.

The only downer will be “The Price”.

I was going to use it myself, and maybe I will, if the right day comes along before it is sold…. Serious Enquiries only please.

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A Quick “Ireland” Trip

I had an idea, surf was small here in Cornwall, but the weather was great…. so where picks up the most swell in Europe…. I know…IRELAND.

So I pack the van with all the toys and set of in search of waves…..

2 weeks, and no waves…..Ah Well, the weather was good, and I am now the All Ireland “SCRABBLE” champion. Only 2 entrants…. myself and the wife!!

I have forgotten how much fun a “Van Trip” is, even with no waves. That sense of travel and freedom is almost overwhelming.

I am planning my next trip as I type…. but I will consult the swell forecasts first.

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It has not been a good couple of weeks “Surf Wise”

True, the weather has been OK, in fact Hot and Sunny on a couple of days, but we appear to have been missing one vital ingredient that make us surfers happy….. Waves!

I have not been lazy during this time….. I have been designing a new model, shaping a couple of Custom Orders, and doing a few for stock.

So when the swell finally does arrive…. and you want a new board…. give me a call, I might just have what you are looking for.

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Well Done Katy

Katy black and white

No wonder that Katy looks so happy, she just came 3rd in England in the Ladies Longboard Event held at Watergate last week-end.Katy 2016 3rd

Surf was a little small for the girls to show off their skills, and I know Katy was keen to impress after her long trip to J Bay, but contests are a snapshot of time, you have to do your best in the conditions that are available…. and as they say, it is the same for everyone in that final.

Katy was using her 9′ 6″ Nose-Rider, a board she has not surfed since last summer….. still “Lookin’ Good Katy”


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Ready to “Glass”


The new “Summer Cruiser” is ready to glass.

I decided to go Large… 9′ 9″ long by 24″ wide and 3 1/4″ thick.

I have put in an excessive amount of “V” in the fin area of this Single fin “Whopper”, I was a little concerned that it would be difficult to turn, and as it is only a summer small wave board, the loss of speed should not be an issue.




The Square Nose is always a favorite of mine, it allows more nose area without compromise on the template shape. The nose and tail woodies just make it look retro…. even though this Nose-Rider will be far from that in it’s rail and bottom contours.

I have shaped this for myself, it will have a 1 colour Orange Tint, so if you see me in the water, or on the beach…. just ask for a “Go”, I always maintain best to Try a different board now and then…. might just alter your views!

You can always e mail me to book a “Test Ride”…. I need no money for this, but if I do not know you, I will need to hold some money against damage (Fully Returnable if no damage) and your driving license…. then you can go and “play”.

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