Shape your own board.


So you want to learn to shape? Or just shape your own board? Know all the jargon (or not) but just do not know where or how to start…. I have the answer.

Every surfer should shape at least one surfboard that they will ride. It will give that surfer a better understanding of his surfboard, how it works, how it “Fits” into the wave…. and ultimately a better understanding of himself….. as a Surfer.

In the photo above you see Jon, at the start of “His Journey”….getting to grips with the surform shaping tool…. and concentrating real hard.

I am going to run a few “Shape your own board” courses in 2015.

There will be little “Back to School” for an hour or so, and then into the shaping bay.

We will cover, design and plan templates, use of rocker, foil and rail criteria….. why certain shapes are better than others for the different aspects of Longboarding.

You will be “Hands On” at every stage of the shape….from drawing the Outline of the Template onto the “Blank”…. right through to the final touches with the “Sanding Gauze” and finally marking on the fin positions and signing your creation!!…. I will show you “How To” you will “Play” and I will then correct any mistakes….I will do as much or as little as I need to OR you want me to.

You will end up having “Designed” AND “Shaped” your own board, but with the Security Blanket of me by your side and doing the bits that you may find difficult, to ensure that the board you end up with is worthy of the time , effort and money that it has cost you.

This will be a “one on one” experience, you will have my undivided attention, it will be an ALL DAY course…. and your board will be ready 4 weeks after we have shaped it. (The time it normally takes to go through the rest of the factory, colour spray, lamination, fin boxes etc., sanding and finally Gloss and Polishing)

Many guys promise a board ready at the end of the week….. this is just not good practice. A board that goes through the various stages, with the correct “Cure” time in between each stage will be a Better Surfboard

Unlike other “Shape your own surfboards” courses… mine is not a college or classroom situation, neither is it a build your own “Backyard” type of operation…. When you have finished shaping “Your” board, with my help and guidance it will be every bit as good as a “Top Board” that I myself might have shaped and would be proud of.

Call me to discuss dates and prices. As this is a “One Day Course”…. I will not be trying to sell you a surf lesson, or cheap accommodation…. this I will leave up to you, but I am more than happy to help you in any way to achieve your goals.

The final price of the course will depend on the Specs of the board that you want. Colour, Tints, Gloss and Polish etc.etc.

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