The Human Touch

There have been many changes in the way surfboards are manufactured over the past few years. EPS core, Epoxy Sandwhich. ” *&”£*tech ” boards and the like. All pushing the boundaries of modern materials, concepts and design, but not all inovations are good for the “average surfer surfing in average waves”. I have personally tried as many of these “New Concepts” as possible, only to come back to the good old method of shaping and finishing a surfboard.

I believe that the natural flex of a standard PU blank, combined with standard Polyester Resins help to give a Longboard part of its inherent GLIDE. It still needs to be shaped well, and that’s where I come in!

Whilst I am not against the import of foreign surfboards, nor the modern trend of Computer Aided Designed boards, which I actually use in the shaping of the Beau Young WOMBAT, I just feel that there is more passion in hand shaped longboards, which is done here in the UK by someone who actually surfs them.

So when you purchase a BEAR LONGBOARD from me you can be assured that it has been Hand Shaped by myself, and finished by skilled craftsmen who are passionate about what they are making, using the best materials available.

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