The ALL NEW “Trad’ Noserider”


The all new Trad’ Nose Rider is here…. wider in the “Hip” smooth rounded rails, and nice deep and long Nose Concave…. Extended “Tip” time here we come!

Katy and Me ( Her Dad ) trying out the Prototype for the new “Traditional Noserider”

This board is way BIG, at 9′ 8″ x 24+” x 3 3/8″, but see how the lightweight Katy throws it around, with so much stability her nose riding is improving every time she go’s out.

I, on the other hand took a little time to “Get into it”, just not used to that size….”Old Dog – new tricks”…. but it was so stable.

The First Production “Trad’ Nose-rider” will be ready very soon. I have gone a little shorter, which should make it a bit more manageable in general, and a little wider in the “Hip”, which should make it turn even smoother, especially on those “Slow Drop knee cutbacks”, that Katy is trying to master!

Katy cannot wait to try out the New Trad’ Nose that I have made in her size…. I have not told her yet that I might have already “SOLD IT”….
….. even if it is sold, I am sure that the new owner will let her have a play on it for a few waves!!

I have not had so much fun for ages, I tend to not bother to go surfing at all when it is small and sloppy, but this has opened my eyes…. SURFING IS FUN…. all you need is the “Right Board” for the conditions.

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