“Travel” …. as a Surfer is almost part of the “Game”…. Sure we all love our Home Break, the days when NOTHING is as good as Surfing with your mates on the Day of the year at your Local Spot…. but lets be honest, those days are getting fewer and further apart, more people, more pressure, and it appears, well to me at least, somehow less than perfect more of the time.

Travelling to surf those “Far Shores”, the ones we read about in the Mags, the ones we see in the Vid’s at the surf shop…. the trip your mate has just come back from…. tales of perfect uncrowded waves, where the swell is always up, and the wind always offshore….. BOOK MY PLANE TCKET NOW!

Yes….. travelling to surf is still one of the true adventures in Surfing that we can all take on.

I will be in Jeffreys Bay, Eastern Cape, South Africa every year. I spend up to 3 months there in the Cold Months of the UK winter ( Usually Jan, Feb, March or April). The waves are plentiful, the weather is good and the crowds few, well that is not entirley true, but there are many less people in the water in J bay than in my home town of Newquay, in fact for such a PREMIER surf spot, there are just not that many guys surfing here. It is technically the OFF SEASON…. it is SA Summer, so smaller swells, and better weather are what to expect….shorty wetsuits, long right hand point breaks….. you get the idea!

I am going to Open My Home in J Bay to Surfers who want to EXPERIENCE these shores. the world famous right hand point breaks that make up the legendary JEFFREYS BAY, and the Surrounding Area. So come and join me, for a j bay surfing holiday, here in SA for the trip of a lifetime. Be my guest, in my house, and surf with me. I will collect you from the Airport (Port Elizabeth), room and feed you, even supply you with kit if you need it. I can advise you on travel, best times to be here…. come alone, with you wife or mates…. all are welcome.

This jeffreys bay surf trip ….. or j bay homestay stlye of holiday is aim at guys who want a bit more of a personal flavour than the typical “Surf Camp”.

And the cost….. you buy your plane ticket, I will charge you Homestay Prices….£50.00 per day per person all inclusive (not booze). That is collect from, and return to, the Airport. Bed, Breakfast and Evening meal provided, escorted surf trips to the best surf in the area on that day, I will even let you use my kit if you need to…. Shortboards, Longboards, I even have Boogie Boards.

I only have limited accomodation available in my house…. room for only 4 people max at any one time, in 2 twin rooms, so if you want it get in touch sooner rather than later.

With me being your “Guide” ….. all the uncertainty of travelling to a “new” spot is taken out of the equation…. no worries about How?, When?, Where?… or Who…. I will take all that away from you, all you need to do is concentrate on having a good time…. and Surfing More.

Contact details on the “CONTACT PAGE”

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