Winter is on the way.


At Last…. the swell has arrived! We have had a great late summer weather spell, but with little or no real swell. Great for topping up the tan, but if all you want to do is ride waves…. a pretty bleak time! But now, we have lost that High Pressure, and the winter type swells are starting to pour into our fave beaches and reefs.

Time to think about a new board! Longboards used to be the choice for the smaller swells of the summer, but not any more, with better understanding of longboard templates and rocker…. “Mal’s” can be used all year round…. just be mindful, that the longer and the lighter you go…. the better chance of snapinng your longboard in a decent size wave!!


I am shaping quite a few traditional boards right now, mainly for guys who seek out the smaller days in the bigger swell periods, or who head for the “Sheltered Spots” on the big days…. I personally am still a fan of the “Performance Nose Rider”…. a board that will turn hard off the tail…AND nose ride well.

I have a “New Performance Noserider” template…. a combination of my trusty template, flavoured with some slight tweeks in the mid section, to give a better Glide and Drive on those better waves that we hope to get this winter.CIMG2275

The factory that I use for finishing is a little quieter now the Summer is over, so only 3 weeks for a new board, from Order to collection.

I am doing a “Special Offer” on this new Performance Nose Rider….. 9′ 1″ up to 9′ 3″ with a basic colour spray, an 8″ or 9″ glass fin (with side FCS too) and a lightwieght Matte Laquer finish…. collected from me in Newquay all for £695.00

I am also still doing my Longboard Clinic, right up until the end of the year….. as always…. any questions just get in touch

So e mail or phone, for a chat….

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