7 Good Days


It is nearing the end of January 2019 and I have been in J bay for just over 1 week, and had 7 good days of surf.

The SA Summer is not known for it’s big swell, but compared to the UK, it is still Very Good….. not to mention Warm Water, and Hot Air Temps…. it is the African Summer after all!!

The waves have been mainly in the Shoulder to Head high range, with one bigger pulse…. and the winds have been mainly light off-shore, with a few on-shore afternoons. The weather has been fantastic…. Hot and Sunny most days, with a few showers here and there.CIMG8693

The water temps of the ocean at this time of year are perfect, sure you still need “Some” rubber, but on the sunny days, a shorty is just fine. The daylight hours are long, not quite UK mid summer long, but you can easily get in 2 or even 3 surfs….if you are fit enough. As the waves tend to be long in riding length, tiredness is a major factor, there can be a lot of paddling….I have only managed 2 surfs in a day up to now.CIMG8664

Not all the sessions are “J bay Perfect”, some times the tide and the swell are just not quite right, but still the waves are good, and much better the the majority of sessions I get back at home. I feel that if one is truly “Hardcore” then the UK winter is possibly better for actual waves than the SA Summer, but for me…. J bay in the summer is close to Perfect.

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