A “Blue Peter” model!


Here is one I made earlier (AKA the Blue Peter Model)

I was pleased to collect this board from the local factory here in J Bay, even though I shaped this board last time I was here…. March time 2015, the board still looks “Current”

I cannot wait to get it wet.

It is 9′ 0 1/2″ x 22 3/4″ x 3 1/8″

As you can see, I have kept a “Fullness” in the hip, it also has a little more meat through the mid section, and a little more foam volume in the nose, with a full but narrow scoop.

I designed this board for “The Point” here in J bay, which in the South African summer gets plenty of small clean swells, and as with any small point break, a little extra “Paddle Power” is always useful.IMGP9642

Paddle in early, with the aid of the extra volume, nice smooth bottom turn, the wider “Hip Area” helps here….. and up to the nose we go…. 5 over is the norm at “Point”, sometimes 50 metres at a time…. before you need to trim. On paper this board will be perfect….. ( they always are on paper!)

All I need now is a nice 3 foot swell to come rolling in… Extensive “Testing” time methinks!

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