A Couple of good days


Another view of my favourite wave in J Bay…..”Point”

At this size it is FUN all the way. This is high Tide, and so a little faster and closer to the reef, but it follows the reef contours well, and just “Zips” down that shallow contour line perfectly. Still only a handful of guys in the water….. and it is Sunday Morning!!

It is hard to imagine such good waves with so few people…. for most of the time. I really do not understand it….. but I am not complaining!!


This is the view from the road behind my house….. a little more elevation gives this splendid vista…. “Point” is truly a great wave, breaking on most swells that come into J Bay, big or small, off shore and cross shore ( the prevailing winds!!)…. you can surf here, in goodish surf, almost every day of the year!!! Super tubes is some 1,000 metres to the right of this wave, as you view this photo,…. and although a “World Class” wave is a little more fickle, but when it’s on….”IT IS ON”

Point is really “LONGBOARD HEAVEN”…… but it is Shortboards all the way at “Supers”…..

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