“A missed opportunity”


I have always told guys…. “Take your board with you…. you never know what you are going to find”

I should have listened to my own advice…. I traveled to the Porthleven Food Festival over the week-end, primarily to have a Lunch in the Sun with my beautifiul wife….Geraldine.

Now as we all know….. Porthleven is widely known in surfing circles to have one of the sweetest right hand reef breaks in the UK, sometimes heavy, sometims crowded and sometimes just “Perfect”.CIMG2128Well it was on the small but perfect scale this day…. and all I had with me was my “Wallet”.

The lunch was a really “Top” experience, even though I only had the “Rump Steak Burger” and Geraldine the “Cornish Beer Battered Whiting”. We were in the sun…. and it was HOT and SUNNY.

But I could not help thinking from time to time about the guys sliding into head high, pristine waves only a few hundred metres away….

…. So….. “Take your board with you….. you never know what you are going to find”

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