A quick trip to my favourite place…..

Jeffreys Bay South Africa.

It is my favourite place, I really like it here. The waves can be great for Short board and then just down the point is Longboard heaven, and this changes almost on a daily basis.

The weather is also a factor…. hot and summy much of the time, even the “Winters” here can be like UK Summer.CIMG7201



But it is not “Perfect”, there is political instability, nasty big things in the water, and in certain areas, racial tension….BUT overall, it is a stunning place.CIMG7236

When the swell arrives, and the local weather is calm (which is most of the time) it can be Nirvana here if you are a surfer. Hours and hours of water time, and yes it is more crowded than it used to be, but it is just not that busy when you factor in the quality and quantity of waves.

I tend to stay here to escape the UK Winter, so Jan Feb Mar and April….. yes I am “Living The Life”, but I am old now, and have worked all my life to achieve this.

I have a house here, which I throw “Open” to Friends and Family or potential or past “Customers”. I run my home on a Homestead basis, yes I charge you money to stay, but it is WAY LESS than the local going rate, and you get some other advantages……Like staying with someone who knows the area, and knows where to be and when, has a car for the trip to and from the airport and the all important trips to Cape St. Francis when the conditions are not so good in J bay. If you fancy a trip to J bay….. get in touch for more info, might be the best Surf Trip you will ever have.

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