A really nice email

An email I received a couple of days ago…..

Keith, wanted to drop you a line as last weekend I finally got my new board in the water. Been away a lot, marathon training and surfing my other boards as was waiting till I could get to Devon to give the new board justice. Wasn’t the best conditions but I am really really really pleased with the results of all your hard work. surfed it with a big single fin in keeping with the ethos of the board but have a thruster set up ready if required. basically I’m very grateful, it paddles and catches waves like a bigger board, its stable,fluid and yet really fast and agile all at the same time!!
Plus the rocker is spot on and really planes well but also negates the nose dive tendencies of so!e of my flatter boards.
I couldn’t have wished for a better board to suit my needs and I can’t wait for a big cleaner day to really do it justice.

Just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to discuss the board and I am really privalidged to be riding on such a (for me) perfect board!

Cheers Mitch

Thank You Mitch for the feedback, always nice to hear a good board report.

Still looking for your “Perfect Board”… give me a call and lets start talking…..Keith

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