A warm J Bay welcome

It is nice to be back in Jeffrey’s Bay South Africa.

It is a long flight, but fortunately due south so just tired and no “Jetlag”

I have arrived to great weather…. Hot and Sunny, with mainly Off Shore winds.

I have surf 5 times in the past 3 days…. and failed to take my camera once to the beach… lazy buggar, I have been so keen to just go surfing I have forgotten many things that I should have done over the past few days. The wife is NOT amussed!!

This swell is not an “Epic” one…. but with only around 15 guys in the water, the waves around waist to head high, and “The Point” doing its normal thing….. (100metre rides the norm). What is not to like. I have not been here for 2 years… I had forgotten how much I like J Bay.

I will get my camera ready, snap a few photo’s…. and report later.

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