Almost time to go “Home”

KB nose1

It is almost time for me to pack up my Summer Home (UK Winter) and head back home. The waves this SA Summer have been “Mixed” the good days Very Good, but many flat spells, and lots of just .. well… ordinary surf. But hey!, it makes those good days “More Special”

I have had a great trip in J Bay, loads of Sun and Surf (even though other years have been better), I have done DIY to my house here, and played with other “Toys”… mainly my Motor Bike…. but I have actually missed work, not that Shaping Surfboards feels like work…. because I love it so much…. I have not shaped a board here this time….. I think I am suffering “Withdrawal Symptoms”!


It was not until I was Fixing Dings, that I started to Miss the creative side of what I do in the UK…. Shape Surfboards. I have a few Custom Orders to do when I get back, and I need to do 1 for myself…..naturally. So with the UK Summer almost upon us, if you are looking for a new board, get in touch with me. I am full of ideas, having been “Looking” at all the boards over here, and visualizing how they could be adjusted to suit UK beach breaks….. I am ready. My best shaping is always after a long trip.


10 Days left to, Surf, Think and Plan…. I like to “Plan”. New boards, putting those ideas into practice, next trip etc.etc.

Then back to the UK. I hope the good run of home weather and waves holds out for me.

I am sure I will get a few good, if not great days, before I leave J bay…..

The forecast is so variable here, both on Weather and Waves, it can say Ok to Medium in size and quality and be the best surf of the whole trip….Guys curse “Magicseaweed” here too!!

One thing I have learned…..J Bay does not disappoint for too long!

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