Another 10 days in J bay….


Well…. what a contrast from the previous 10 days, only a handful of surfs over the same period of time. (I surfed over 20 times in the 10 days before)

Still good on a few days, but the swell has been small, and the weather conditions erratic.


We have had plenty of On-Shore winds, and quite strong too…. ripping the perfection of J bay to pieces, BUT I do have a secret weapon…. my “Kite”. Just a 1,000 metres from my place, in the other direction is the “Lagoon”, and when the wind is On-Shore, it creates the perfect conditions for Kite Surfing…. which I also love to do.


The really cool thing with Kite Surfing is it is “Action” all the way…. no down time, no sitting around chatting, just speed and fun the whole session…. 1 and 1/2 hours of this and you really are knackered.

As long as I “Get Wet” I am happy.

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