Another 9′ 8″


What a beauty…. a new Clean and Crisp 9′ 8″

With full Nose and Tail “Woodies”

Dan is the lucky guy this time…., but he knew EXACTLY what he wanted from a modern longboard.

Float, Glide but still able to turn…. with some noserider longboard characteristics built in.

Clean Lines…. “Less is sometimes more”.

No Colour, No Cut Laps…. almost understated.

I hope this board go’s well for Dan.

I like shaping boards for guys like Dan…. I reckon he might be a bit of a “Dark Horse” in the longboard surfboards scene. Don’t forget the feedback please Dan….. ENJOY.

I have a few “Big Blanks” left…. so if you fancy a BIG BOARD for those small clean winter days…. just get in touch. It does not have to be Clear likes this one…. I can put as much colour on as you like. These BIG noserider longboards “Float” so well you could surf a whole “sesh” in small waves and never get your noggin wet!!

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