The 1st “Full House” triple of 2017

The 1st board out of the shaping bay this year is a stunning 9′ 8″ triple with “ALL” the trimmings…..including Nose and Tail Woodies. This beauty will be finished off with some paintwork, a Resin Tint and a full Gloss and Polish. Some one is going to be very happy.


Back in the “Pit” creating wave riding equipment, I love my “Job”. I actually miss the work when I am away on a trip.


I have enjoyed shaping this “Big Un” so much, I am locating a Super Big Long Board Blank right now, for my “Summer Cruiser”…. I feel it is going to be a summer of small waves, so I need to prepare.CIMG6023

Nose and Tail woodies are a pain to do…. measuring, cutting, gluing and re-shaping. It is a stressfull time, the wood is so hard compared to the foam, a slight slip and that is hours of effort wasted….. but WOW do they look good.

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