Another GOOD week-end


The past week end was a GOOD one. Head high swell, and off-shores all day over the whole week-end.

I am concentrating on my Nose riding technique…. The set up for the noseride is the critical part….. getting all the speed at the right time to allow me to Glide while I am “Up there” giving me that flavour of effortless “Tip Time”!

I am sure it is a combination of Board AND Technique…. and something that everyone should be able to achieve to some degree.

Sure I have been doing it for a while, but I do notice that some boards are better than others for this purpose…. and as for learning that “technique”…. that is time and effort, and I am sad to say….. wave quality too. This is why “Point” at Jeffrey’s Bay is so good for this.


A low centre of gravity, on waves that you are unsure of making, can help….. but an upright stance is what we are aiming for…. it is just practice.

The advantage of being in J Bay….and surfing “Point” is that the waves that are good to practice on are frequent and plentiful…. it might take 10 surfs to get a few ideal waves to “Hone” those noseriding skills in the UK…. and those 10 surfs might take 2 months….. here in J bay…. it is all condensed into … “A GOOD Week-End”

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