Another Great 10 Days


While the past couple of days have been almost flat, and with poor wind conditions…. the previous week was “Epic”

Swells varied from Medium and perfect… as you can see from the photo of “Tubes” above…. to more serious and almost gnarly….. see below


During the BIG day, there was a Local Contest on at “Point” so that wave was “Off Limits”…. I ended up at “Tubes”, with only a handfull of takers… even J Bay guys do not like too much punishment. My wave count was low…. 3 waves in 2 hours…. but WOW were they good.

I did see one amazing wave….. a guy made it all the way from Supertubes to Point….. must be 1,000 metres, on a double head high wave….. He was not a local, but a UK guy, from Croyde… when I spoke with him the next day, he said he could get on a plane and go home….. he was “Done”

The seasons are moving on, I have noticed that the mornings and evening are getting cooler, and the water temps are dropping too…. and with this last swell…. it is noticable getting more serious. I am hoping for a couple of medium to large swells to finish this J bay trip on….


This last Photo is of the Finals of the local contest at Point….. what a place to have an event…. just imagine your heat of 20 minutes in well overhead, walling perfection…. followed by an easy paddle out…. worth paying the R50.00 entry fee just to get a session with only 4 in the water!!

I only have 3 weeks left….AAARRRGGGGHHHH!

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