Another “Mixed” week.


What can I say….. another “Mixed” week in J bay.

It is not that the surf has been bad…. it has just not been good!

Lots of unfulfilled surf forecasts, waist high when we were expecting head high etc.etc…. You get the idea.

We have surfed 2 times a day for a whole week, so really should not be complaining, but when the forecast is saying 2.4 metres at 15 seconds, shoulder high is not what we were expecting!!CIMG8767

The lads from Ocean Magic Surfboards have joined me for a couple of weeks, and it has been a blast, but not in great waves. Lots of small to medium surfs, in medium to good conditions, but as the waves have not been plentiful, the whole of the J bay Surf Crew have been “Hungry”…. so any slight improvement of the surf had meant an increase in Surf Numbers…. to the point of almost crowded!!CIMG8812

There have been a few great sessions, well for me at least. I tend to ride a Longboard when the waves are marginal, which gives me an advantage…. I catch loads of waves, in fact it is a discipline I have had to work on…. not to catch too many, which let me tell you, in near perfect head high surf with loads of guys out who are struggling on short boards…. is….well… DIFFICULT!

J Bay is a great place, loads of Summer Vibe, Loads of wall to wall sunshine, and loads of great rights on close to perfect points…. but not all the time….. but even when it is bad…. I feel it is good. I love my J Bay life!

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