“As New” Traditional Nose-Rider …….. FOR SALE ……..


I have an “As New” Trad Nose for sale…. 9′ 0 1/2″ x 23″ x 3″

It was shaped for Katy, my middle daughter, who no longer needs it. Ungrateful little…..

No Seriously…..There is a perfectly good reason for this sale, Katy is going to do the BLU contests this season, and the Longboard Judging Criteria has changed from last year, and this board was going to be her “Small Wave” board, but now she needs a slightly different board to cope with all conditions.

Anyway…. what ever the reason, it is FOR SALE.CIMG2106

The board looks almost new, and to be fair….. it is…. having been surfed only a handful of times in those very few perfect winter waist high days, that we had this year. The “Traditional Nose-Rider” was designed by me as a modern take on how Mals’ used to be.

Shaped from a “Low Rocker” Blank…. by hand, by me. With plenty of width in the Hip and Tail area, nice and easy take off’s and full “Rail Turns” here we come. I have kept the nose narrower than the modern longboards, as this is how they used to be….Full soft rails and rounded “V” on the bottom, makes this board easy to Glide and Trim… and plenty of concave in the nose to help with “Tip Time”

The board has a “Resin Tint” bottom and rail lap, with a “Material Inlay” on the nose of the deck, and a tail “Woody” to complete this modern twist of a “Retro Classic”

It has a Full GLOSS and POLISH Finish.CIMG2107 It does not have side FCS, only a 10″ centre fin box, and I will supply this board with a Glass Centre fin of your choice.

There is even a Go Pro attachment with the leash plug on the nose ( this is only the “stick on” type so will come of if you do not like it )

I will even throw in a NEW Rhino Black Series 10mm travel bag.

Contact me for a price

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