Back Home, and straight into the “Shaping Pit”


Back home in Newquay, and straight to work… well almost!

I did this one before I left for my Morocco Sojourn, a 10′ 1″ BIG BOY Longboard, with Nose and Tail “Woodies”.

For “Steve” who has had a Bike Accident and is still recovering, he needs just a little more time to get to his feet. I will ride my Bikes more cautiously from now on!!

Back to work….

“The Shaping Pit”, as I like to call it is like a 2nd home for me, I can relax there, put those “New Ideas” that I have had on the trip into practice, or at least into “Foam”. Talk with the Factory Crew, about waves I have scored, and days I had missed here…..etc. etc.

It is a place where I can express myself, and in my work…. how good is that!

I like my life, and I feel it shows in my product.


I did finally “Break out” the new Longboard that I had shaped for myself, I was not too sure about it, mainlty as it was “Off the machine”…. sadly I felt little or no connection to it, but after the 1st wave…. WOW.

I had 2 guys try to buy the board after my 1st session…. I told them… “no way”, this one is a “Keeper”, it is that good. I did take an order or 2 though!!

It is The Best Performance Mal I have every ridden…. and it is on a Computer File….. So if you want one, let me know. It will be easy to “Adjust” it for size, and keep all the dimension relationships true! Am I entering the “Computer Age”?

No I am not, I still intend to Hand Shape most of my boards, but I had been struggling to get a replacement for my Go To trusty Old Yellow Mal…. now I have one, so I am really a “Happy Bunny”

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