Back in the “Dust”

KB in the Pit Back in the UK, back in Newquay, and soon to be back in the “Dust”

Well, my “Winter Surfing Break” is over, it is back to reality for me, and back to work.

I have a few “Custom Orders” to shape, and I have a few ideas for a “New Model” too… I am still trying to get closer to a board that anyone can Nose-Ride more easily…. even though we all know that it is the Surfers Skill and Knowledge that make for Good Nose-Riding….but I know from experience that the board does play quite a large part in this equation too.

I shaped the New Nose-Rider in J Bay towards the end of my stay, but never got to ride it, although it was finished, the days that were good, I went to my Old Fave board for security, and on the “less good” days I did not want to take in a new board….

…. I had a bit of a meltdown, but I think I am over it now, and will shape the New Nose-Rider for Katy,IMGP9395 and myself to try out…. and anyone else who fancies a go too! I like to get different feedback on new ideas!Katy Walk

It will be a little while before it is ready to try…. a month at least, as the factory is always busy at the start of the year.

Call me if you are interested, in this new Nose-Rider, or any other board for that matter…. I want to be back in the “Dust”

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