Back to Work…..again!


The start of winter always has mixed feelings for me. Sure the swells will be bigger and more consistent, better waves, longer sessions, tired arms etc.etc BUT the hours of daylight, sunshine and general warmth are less.

As I get older, I value the “Summer Flavour” more and more….SO….. when the UK summer is gone…. I hunger for a last bit of sunshine before we are into Winter!

Plane tickets here we come.

I booked a last minute flight to Marrakesh in Morocco, hired a car a drove to the coast. 2 weeks of “Fun in the Sun”, had some great days in the water, in a spring suit, in the sunshine…. just what the Doctor ordered!!IMGP9230

But now it is all over…..again, and it is back to work for me. I have a few boards to shape, but am keen to get a few more done over the coming weeks, so if you need a new Longboard for the winter…. or you are planing a trip somewhere… maybe you are not quite sure what you want or need….just get in touch with me for a chat.

I am keen to “Push” my new Nose Rider, I have kept the plan shape very similar to the old one, but added a little extra width in the Hip Area, still keeping the Pin Tail. The rocker is also similar to the Original Performance Nose Rider, but with a subtle change in the area forward of centre.

The slight changes have made a big difference, the new Nose Rider still has that “Easy to surf” feel, but is just sharper out of the turns, and more forgiving too, especially in the cutbacks and “Backside” bottom turn area. I am happy with the improvements.

I am tending to keep the weight down on this model, so no Gloss and Polish is the way to go.

A board between 9′ 0″ and 9 3″ with colour, all fins and Matte Laquer finish will be £695.00. Call Me.

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