Bad Forecasts……


It has been a week of “Bad Forecasts”.

Not only Magic Seaweed has been getting it wrong, but all of the surf forecasting sites here in SA have been way off track. I have been told it is due to the lack of Data Buoys and there position, the computer models just do not have enough accurate Data to make good, accurate forecasts.

However, when the swell finally arrived….. the in-accurate forcasts were quickly forgotten.CIMG8853

As you can see, these 2 shots above say it all…..who really cares that yesterday was supposed to be head high and off-shore, when today is bigger and better than that and with so few guys out….. however I do feel for the guys who based there choice of surf day on that forecast. I just goes to show….. you got to be there, at the beach checking frequently if you want to score.


If you do not see the forecast, just rock up and see perfect little “Peelers” at a break…. you would be happy, pickup you Long Board and go surfing…. but because you were expecting head high perfection…. you do not surf and moan about the Bad Forecast. We do live in a strange world!


So….. check the forecast, wind, swell and weather…. It “Might” make a difference to your plans etc.etc. BUT still keep to the Old School way of doing stuff, just rock up at the beach and check it for yourself…. then go for a surf.

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