Big Summer Single Fin

"Glide 5"

The new “Glide” is also good on the nose

I have ordered the BIG BLANK for my next Single Fin.

I have not had a Small Wave Single Fin for a few years now, ever since I sold by beloved “Glide”, so it is time to rectify this error!

I am going large, the blank is 10′ 3″, I was thinking about a really Cruisey-Noserider, in the 9′ 8″ to 9′ 10″ area. Nice and wide in the “Hip”, with a very full Rounded Pin or maybe a traditional Square Tail. Due to the length, width etc. and the fact it will have a “Glass-On” single fin, I intend to put loadsa “Rolled Vee” into the bottom in the “Hip” area to loosen it up a little, with super soft rails to help it “stick” for the noseriding time.IMGP9063

I might even make this into a “New Model”…. depending on how it turns out and surfs. The picture on the left is of a Glass on “D” fin board I did not so long ago…. it surfed really well, even with that big “D” fin on it, but this one was only just over 9′ 0″…..and it was pretty narrow in the tail….. it is a whole different “Ball Game” getting a board closer to 10′ long x 24″ wide to be loose.

I will shape and report. Lets hope for many weeks of small and perfect waves this summer. I feel a Nosriding “Fest” coming on.

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