Bilbo is Back



The owner of the oldest surfboard label in the UK has entrusted me to shape a few new models for the Bilbo 2015 Range.

The “BLACK TIE” is my 1st Generation Bilbo Model

At 9′ 4″ x 23 1/4″ x 3 1/8″ it is a big board, so immediately will appeal to the Purists in the Longboard market.

I have gone for a “Square Tail”, for easy of wave catching and greater stability, so this board should also be good for the less frequent surfer…. not everyone gets to surf every day!!

I have kept the rocker “Neutral” so no particular bias towards performance of traditional moves, but with it’s general size…. this is not an outright “Performer”, but “Hey” it should Glide and Trim well, and OH YES…. I expect Nose-Rides to be good also.

On a final note….. I have gone with a Matte Lacquer Finish, and not the High Gloss and Polish associated with this type of board…. The Reason…. COST. I want everyone to be able to have one of these new “BLACK TIE” Models….

The BLACK TIE is generally available with a 10″ Centre Box only, and a Matte Lacquer Finish….however, side FCS can be ordered along with a Full Gloss and Polish finish…. and naturally, if you are placing a “Custom Order” you can choose the colour design too.

Contact me for more info on the NEW BILBO RANGE

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