Countdown to home!


The final “Countdown” has begun…. I will be on the plane home in less than 1 week.

It will be very hard to leave this all behind. It has been a stunning trip this season, for many reasons, but mainly the excellent surf, and favourable surfing conditions.

So many good days, in fact so many I have not gone in the water at every good surf option, I have just become too tired…Surfed Out if you will, and sometimes I have surfed for 2 hours, come out of the water…. looked back only to see it was better than when I first went in…. this sort of “Quality Consistancy” is very hard to find in the real world.

I only had 2 surfs today….. and the waves were good. I needed to do some DIY at the homestead, it had to be done. The result is that all the jobs are getting done…. but I am soooooo tired.CIMG3614

With surf like the past few days, and the excellent forecast for the next few days, I will really come down to earth when I get back home…. no more looking out over the patio to see if it is OK for crowds, no more walking down to the point to see exactly how big it is…. and whether I need a longboard or a short one…. Yep, I will miss all this.

Life is a journey…. and I am looking forward to it’s next adventure. Whatever that maybe. I know surfing and travel will be on the adgenda…. but where and when……?

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