Dan’s Feedback


Dan has been kind enough to give me the “Feedback” that I requested.

He took delivery of a Big Noserider Cruiser a short while ago.

It is always a difficult one to get a Big Board to do it all. Especially a 9′ 8″ x 24″ x 3 1/4″

The very size, and shape that is needed for Float and Glide is what holds back the Turning and Agility….

However…..I do have a few “Shaping Tricks” up my sleeve…. very subtle ones, but as they say ” Every little helps”……

…..read Dan’s feedback…. unaltered

“Hi Keith.
Feed back as promised. I decided to try board with a 9.5 dyer bomber pivot fin very heavy and loads of surface area. I’ve been out on it 3 different days on varying waves. What can I say i did a fair bit of research on who was the best man for the job and I’m glad i chose you its spot on. It has an effortless glide on take off and I was amazed at its turning capabilities. Take off run up to the nose and back then turn 180 from the tail very tight which will stall it to a stand still then just a step forward and the acceleration is excellent and your back in the action. I’ve had loads of comments about it and not just f##ing wave hog. It holds into the wave very well. Can’t wait for the right wave and wind to hit “Coney” beach mid tide right out deep and it’ll take me full width of the bay I’m sure.
Thanks for making it.

Thank You Dan for the kind words…. I am very pleased you are happy with the board.

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