DARREN is “The Man”


Darren is one of those guys who really does not get enough praise.

EVERY surfboard that comes out of the factory that I use for my finishing work has been worked on by “DAZ”

He Sands the boards…. a task that most people just know happens, what they do not realise is how skillful a GOOD SANDER is! Just one split second lapse of concentration can ruin the Rail Shape.

Darren cuts out any holes in the board…. Holes?? Yes holes for fin boxes, FCS plugs and Leash plugs….. he then glasses in the appropriate plug, and sands again.

But his most important role for me…. is as the Polisher, just imagine, 3 hours in this, noisy, dusty and smelly room…. just to get your Longboard to look shiney.

He also puts that “Glossing” resin onto the board, this is a 1 hour per side per day process…. so that is 5 hours of “Daz Time”…..per long board…. just for the Gloss and Polish… then there is the cost of the actual materials…. no wonder Gloss and Polish boards cost more!!

But WOW!….they do look good.

Well Done Darren…. and THANK YOU.

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