Do your research before a Surf Trip

Another nice one at The Point

It always pays to do your research well before any surf trip.

We can all cope with a few travel “Hiccups”, the room not being “as described” in the brochure, even a little bad weather… but if the surf spots are not up to scratch then it will seam like you have wasted your money!!

All surf locations get “flat spells”…. this is nature, and not really what I am talking about….

I have surfed in many…. many places in the world. My definition of a good surf location is one where the waves are better than you would usually surf, more than 50% of the time….. not amazing on a few days of the year… but GOOD when ever the swell is up!

What we all need are waves that WE can perform on…. and for most people that is not crazy hollow “Slab” reefs, or big grinding waves… BUT long mellow and rewarding waves, waves to help you get your “confidence” up, waves to let you get your “timing” together, wave to give you TIME…. time to try new things. Waves like the ones I surf in J Bay most days in the UK winter!!

It is for this reason that I have chosen to “Hang Out” in J bay for the colder UK winter months. Sure the swells in South Africa are BIGGER in June, July and August…. but size is not always the answer. J bay in the South African Summer is a “Valid” surf destination, especially if you have transport. Only a few miles down the road is another set of GREAT surf locations…. with even less surfers than J Bay (and J Bay is really not that crowded in the SA summer months)

Just Nice Point

A long easy “Top Quality” point break, and a mix of reef and beachies within WALKING distance and the AWE inspiring SUPERTUBES just 5 minutes by car (or 20mins walk down the beach) The beginner’s reef of “Kitchen Windows” and the not correctly named “Magna Tubes” (it is really quite a nice easy wave) are less than 10 minutes away.

Where are we?…. we at at “My Place” in Jeffreys Bay. Come and stay with me for a Surf Trip that will actually deliver…. all we need is a little swell from mother nature….. everything else is ready.

Sunday Point Surf

Sunshine, Calm Mornings, Good Prevailing winds when the swells arrive, Points, Reefs and good Beach Breaks. Accommodation where you can see and walk to the waves…. and transport to get you to the “Other Spots”. Good Food, Honest Information (From me that is), security, minimal hassles (I have taken all the grief out for you)Peak at St Francis beach

All you need to do is purchase the International Flight to get there…. I will sort out all of the rest.

Get in touch with me for all the info……..I look forward to chatting with you.

The 4 photo’s in this “Blog” are typical surf for this time of year in and around J Bay….. not so big, but really quite good…. this is why I go back there year after year!!

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