Dreaming Time…..

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It has been a good Summer…. for weather, but not so great for waves.

So the “Dreaming Time” has started early this year.

August is not yet out, and already I am looking at flight prices… I just need “My Fix”

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I need Sunshine, AND Waves. I want to feel that optimism of sort of knowing that tomorrow will probably be good for both! In the UK now, it seams more and more that if we get both…. it is an “Epic” day, regardless of how the actual waves are breaking.

So…. I am planning more time in J Bay this winter…. why not join me?


My house is only a “Walk” from the photo’s in this post, that is correct, no car ride to go and check, just get out of bed…. look at the ocean, count how many guys are in the water and decide…. surf now or after breakfast?

To stay with me will cost you LESS than the local “B & B”, and you can use my boards. I will even pick you up from the Airport (Port Elizabeth).IMG_0087 (4)

I plan to be in J bay for the Cold Months….so…. Jan, Feb, Mar and Apr. It will be South African Summer, so Hot and Sunny, sure the waves are bigger in the SA Winter, but all the photo’s above were taken in the J bay Summer

I have plenty of room, my 4 bedroom house often has only myself and my wife in it, so stop dreaming, and get in touch with me.

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