FOR SALE… my own board, I took it to Morocco on my last trip, as the replacement for my “Go To” Old Favourite, but it is just a little too “Retro” in the way it surfs for me. It is less than 6 month old, and surfed only 10 times or so…. I did have other boards with me in Morocco!!CIMG6137

The board is just over 9 foot long, and 23 1/4″ wide and 3″ thick…. but is has more volume than the dimensions would suggest. It was shaped out of a “Lower Rocker” blank.

CIMG6138 This board catches waves exceptionally well, Trims and Glides to perfection, but is just not as performance minded as I want personally.


It has a bright yellow Resin Tint glass job, with wide “Cut Laps” and “Fin and Deck” patches. Full Gloss and Polish Finish, with Box and Side FCS 1 System…. all fins included.

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