Getting ready for Longboard Season 2018


The Summer still seams a long way off, BUT….. if you want to be ready to surf that special small clean day when it comes, we need to get ready now.

Whether that is de-wax your board, get those dings fixed… or even a new board…. it all takes time.

I have had a few orders lately, which is unusual in Feb…. maybe because I am usually “Away” at this time of the year. Even in the winter, it takes 4 weeks from order to collection for a new Longboard. I do not like to “Rush” the factory, better to let the board take it’s usual time to go through each proceedure, this way…No Mistakes and a fully cured board, ready to ride when you collect it.CIMG6139

Most discussions I have from customers is about the “Performance Nose Rider Model” Nothing much changes, fads come and go, but most guys including me, just want a board that turns well off the tail and still allows you to Noseride.

I have done a more “Performance” tweek to my Old Favourite Model…. same template but a revised rocker.CIMG6052

The New Performance Noserider has more general rocker especially in the tail…. BUT be aware…. this board is better for some guys,. but not everyone. It requires a little more effort to catch waves, or a later take off, and it likes to be “Surfed”. By this I mean it does not Glide quite so well. It is also glassed “Lighter”, so more “Feel” to the board, but it will not be so strong.

So…. if you are the type of guy who values putting in more effort and getting more rewards, this is the one for you. However, if you like your surfing a little more on the mellow side, go for the Older Model.

I spend much time with each and every new customer to make sure that they get the board best suited to them… don’t panic about “Which One” just drop me an e mail or make that call.

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