Finally a Healthy Start to 2015…. just a little late!!


I intended to eat this way from the start of 2015….. but better late than never I suppose.

Fresh Fruit Salad, Granola, Natural Yoghurt and Honey…..

It is so easy to get into eating the wrong foods, even here in South Africa…. especially the wine…. when a “Quality” bottle of Red is less than £3.00 (at todays exchange rates of 17.5 Rand to the £)

The surf has been a mix of good, medium and just OK….. but I have been in the water almost every day for the past 3 & 1/2 weeks.

Early Morning

The wave known as “Point” in Jeffrey’s Bay is really close to Longboard Heaven, an easy paddle out through a “Keyhole” puts you almost “out back”, take off is straightforward, unless it is Big and Low tide…. and most waves go at a constant speed for the whole 100 plus metres….

….So….. bottom turn, trim, noseride, cuttie, do it all again….. and then do it all again…. with some extra noseriding for good measure!!

It is such a “Good” wave almost any board will work here….At the moment I am using a Performance NoseRider…. but as a single fin….I call it my “Performance Single Fin”…. which all sounds a bit wrong…. but it allows for a longer turn radius…. making my surfing generally smoother…. and still plenty of width and volume in the nose for “Tip Time”. I have kept the rails on this board a little skinny especially at the tail to allow the board to be put “On Edge” more easily…. A hybrid for sure…. but a really good one!

This “Single Fin Perfomer” would work in the UK too.

Get ready for summer, e mail me your requirements, and I will be shaping as soon as I return…. just before Easter. 4 weeks in the factory, and you could be riding one for the summer swells at Whitsun!!

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