Here I am again!!


It is not that time of year yet…. I do not usually come out to SA until after Christmas, but the waves have been so poor in the UK this Summer, I needed some surf….

So a quick look on the internet revealed some cheap (ish) tickets, and Hey Presto…. J bay here we come.

And what timing, lucking into the best swell of the year in South Africa, 20 odd feet at 15 second interval…… WOW. A week long Wave fest. Too big for me on the big day, but there are “Round the corner spots” if you are prepared to drive.CIMG8025 Like Miller’s Reef in Port Elizabeth…… very nice, especially when the J bay alternative is 4 times head high!!

I did venture out at J bay (The Point) on the next day…. still BIG, and lots of paddling, to get out and get back to the line up, when the swell is this big, the Longshore Drift is immense!CIMG7972

The waves were sort of crowded, mainly as it was a “Predicted” swell, and everyone wants a slice of the J Bay pie, plus it was a Public Holiday, but still there were plenty of wave to go around, especially on the 2 BIG days, strange how there are not so many takers when it is that size!!

Weather and water temps are OK at this time of the year, it is sort of like the UK….. BUT with the best waves. I do love J bay!!

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