Here we go again


I have been off “Gadding About” over the past few months…. I do not like the UK winter anymore! Sure the waves are better, or at least bigger, but it is the Cold and Rain I have trouble with.

Anyway….. I am back, and back at work.

I have already shaped a few, and got quite a few more “Custom Orders” to do.

The biggest request so far this season is for my J bay inspired “Traditional Nose-Rider”.

More than half of the orders I have are for this “New” Traditional Board.CIMG7639

I did go down the Trad Nose route a few years ago, but never really got to grips with it, as not so many guys wanted them then, but now the Trad Nose seams to be more “In Flavour”

Most of the Custom Orders I get have Nose and Tail Woodies….. and some with Resin Tints. It is nice to see guys know exactly what they want….it makes my life a little easier.CIMG7637

So much effort and work go into these Nose and tail Woodies, it is nice to see that the results are appreciated. …. even though they have to be paid for… there is no real profit in them. Everything seems to cost more money these days, especially the Hardwoods that I use. Not to mention the sharp saw blades needed to cut the hardwood into the skinny strips…. and we haven’t got to the Glue, Special Clamps and TIME to get the “Woodies” ready.

BUT ….Wow! they do look good.

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