Here we go again.


Here we go again, 1st board out of the shaping bay is a Resin Tint, with deck and fin patches and fully mitred Nose and Tail Woodies.

Sounds “Full Retro”…but no, this is a performance Nose-Rider with all the goodies….. not too wide, and not to thick either, with the “tweeks” that I have been testing out in J bay this winter. (SA Summer).


This board is for a customer from France, who knew just what he wanted…. and I was in the correct frame of mind to shape…. and the results are very pleasing….. I am happy with the board…. I hope Francois will be too.



I shaped a few in J bay, using tools that I borrowed from a local shaper there…. it is just not the same as using your own kit.

I love my planer…. and my own hand tools, also the bay that I shape in is perfect…. it just make me happier, and therefore the boards come out better.

I am keeping boards a little thinner this year, unless the customer tells me otherwise, especially in the tail…. I am hoping for good feedback from my customers too…..I might even get to surf with them on there new boards…. especially if it means a trip the France, as in this case…. Get the van ready!

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