How to “Copy” your Trusty Old board


As most of you guys will probably know, I do most (99%) of my shaping by hand. Even if that means that I use my Variable Cut CLARK FOAM planner for most of the work.

Hand shaping is in my opinion the best way to get your thoughts and ideas into the the board, the subtle bottom contours, and the curves that make a Longboard actually “go” in the waves that it was intended to. It is the best way to “feel” the board while you are creating it…. I like to think that you are putting “Soul” into the shape…..

BUT….there is a problem with “Hand Shaping”. It is very difficult to “Copy” an Existing Board.IMGP8794

To shape a board very similar to you Old Fave Board, you need to use the “Computer”. First the board needs to be accurately measured, many, many measurements that are put into the shaping software program to make your shape “digital” it can then be checked to make sure that there are no obvious anomalies…. and then press that button.

Hey presto, a shaped board, there is still a little hand finishing to do, the exact shaping of the rails and then the final “Fine Sanding” to get the board ready for lamination.

I have been trying to “Copy” my Old Faithful” longboard for a couple of years…. and to my disappointment, without success… hopefully I have now cracked it. We will see.

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